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Screen Printing Designs

Custom T-shirts with our design studio defaults for screen printing.  The pricing is screen printing and artwork is screen printing.

Silk screen printing is the process of making shirts my using screens.  A screen is made for a made for each color.   This is why the price changes when using our design studio when the amount of colors change.

When you create a design using our design studio, you may notice the colors box on the side letting you know the colors you chose.  Keep this to a minimum to reduce cost.   For example if you have Carolina blue and Columbia blue, simple combine them.  That will save you a lot of money.

Instant Quotes

Since the design studio defaults to screen printing you can get an instant quote on a basic t-shirt by using our quote page.

Screen Printed Apparel

Silk Screen Printing products

Products for Screen Printing


Lightweight T-shirts Printing

Lightweight t-shirts are what the younger generations or millennials like to wear.  Most of the time it is actually a ringspun cotton which gives a smooth feel.  For this style shirt we don’t put as much ink on it, so not to weigh it down.  This might not cause the white to bright using plastisol ink (using water base it is brighter, but that is for longer runs), but the young kids love it.  So I love it.

Heavyweight sweatshirts and hoodies

Printing on Hoodies and sweatshirts is almost the same as long as the right apparel chosen.  For that reason we may chose not to print on every fabric, even though it prints the quality might be up to our standards.

We do specialty screen printing also, such as printing on zippered hoodies and jackets.  This is great for sport button up jerseys.

For some sweatshirt or jackets we may suggest using embroidery or applique embroidery.  Let us the style and look you want and will be happy to assist you.

Performance t-shirts and sportswear

The performance gear or sportswear is usally made from 100% polyester shirt.  This can be ringspun as well for a smooth feel. This material is moisture resistant, so if your planning on riding a bike from Fayetteville, NC to Durham, NC your shirt won’t be heavy with sweat.

We can either screen print with polyester ink if you are a large number or we can use sublimation for smaller numbers.  The advantages of using sublimation over screen printing is there are no minimums and their is no feel on the shirt.  The advantage of using screen printing is the price is cheaper for large quantities.


Custom Screen Printing

Danita Washington testimonial for Jerusalem Fields

DKW Hear Me Speak Foundation from Raleigh, NC

Advantages of screen printing

What screen printing has over other printing processing is that less expensive when it large quantities.

Silk Screen printing can also gives you brighter look especially on darker shirt. This is achieved by using an white underbase before we start printing.

Custom T-shirts can have a pop with this technique because, we can use different types of inks, such as a glitter ink to give it a bling look.

Some product we screen print are.

  • Basketball Jerseys
  • Football Jerseys
  • Bookbags
  • Lunch bags
  • Volleyball Jerseys
  • School Uniforms
  • School Spirit wear
  • Family Reunion Shirts
  • Any large group

JF Advantages

Custom websites

Our custom websites are great for your school, event or sport teams.

Customer Service

Even though we have a lot tools online where customers can create there on designs and websites, nothing can replace good one on one customer service. We thrive to offer the best of both.


No manner what product or service we are providing we do do our work with a spirit of excellence.

JF Guarantee

In life, whether personal or business you only get one name and at Jerusalem Fields we will do our best to protect it by providing you with the JF guarantee.

  • If an order shipped after the due date, you will get a 20% discount on your next order.
  • If we don't respond to design and printing quotes within 1 business day and events quotes within 2 business days, you will receive 10% off your quote.

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