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Basketball Jerseys Designer

Jerusalem Fields Design Studio

Using our online designer for creating custom basketball jerseys is easy at Jerusalem Fields.

If you don't see a design you need using our online designer and contact us an we do custom t-shirt of jersey design for you.

This is one of my favorite print jobs to do.  Growing up in Fayetteville, NC, we loved playing basketball.  Now as a adult, I still love playing in Recreation and Church leagues.  I especially love "posting up" on the young boys!



Basketball Jerseys Printing Techniques

NAG Basketball Team Fayetteville NC wearing custom basketball jerseys

NAG Basketball Team Fayetteville NC

Sports Applique for number and names for Basketball Jerseys

Applique on Basketball Jersey

Custom Applique for Basketball Jerseys

For those looking for professional grade look? Like for a high school varsity basketball or college team?

Applique is a great way that look. 

Other techniques we for customizing your basketball jerseys are:

Custom Basketball Jerseys Products

Fast Break Basketball Jersey

Fast Break Basketball Jersey

Reversible Basketball Jersey

Slam Dunk Reversible Basketball Jersey

If you don't see the basketball jerseys you looking for contact us and we can find it for you.

We have basketball jerseys for:

  • Recreation Team
  • Intramural Basketball Team
  • AAU Basketball
  • Church Basketball League
  • High school and College Basketball

JF Advantages

Custom websites

Our custom websites are great for your school, event or sport teams.

Customer Service

Even though we have a lot tools online where customers can create there on designs and websites, nothing can replace good one on one customer service. We thrive to offer the best of both.


No manner what product or service we are providing we do do our work with a spirit of excellence.

JF Guarantee

In life, whether personal or business you only get one name and at Jerusalem Fields we will do our best to protect it by providing you with the JF guarantee.

  • If an order shipped after the due date, you will get a 20% discount on your next order.
  • If we don't respond to design and printing quotes within 1 business day and events quotes within 2 business days, you will receive 10% off your quote.

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